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Collection: Marine Navigation & Instruments

When it comes to marine navigation, there are more options than ever before. Sailors once had to rely on the stars and the winds (and a compass if they were lucky). These days, countless items are available to help you find your way on the water.

That is why we offer marine navigation items of every kind — from the instruments used for centuries to modern, cutting-edge digital devices. With a selection like this, you can always stay safe and oriented out on the water.

Want a tried-and-true compass to guide your way? Our selection includes the best compasses on the market, from the basic to the intricate. If you prefer something more high-tech, you will find all the latest marine navigation tools in our selection as well. These range from long-range GPS devices to autopilots and full-service digital navigation systems. If you plan to be out on the water through the night, you may also want to check out our selection of night vision cameras and navigators Communication is also a vital part of finding your way on the ocean. We also offer a wide variety of items to help you communicate and track other vessels, shorelines, and emergency help. These include radar devices, transmitters, and transducers, as well as high-quality NMEA devices that let your vessel both send and receive data from other communicators.

Want to find the best place to drop a line? Our selection of marine navigation includes ice flashers, fishfinders, and GPS devices that will help you find the best catch of the day.

No matter whether you’re heading out on a leisurely fishing trip, following the coast to a new destination, or sailing around the bay, you need the best marine navigation tools. Our selection provides everything you need to stay safe and get where you need to go!