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Collection: Lighting

The modern world takes electric light for granted. It is rare to be in a place without light pollution, which can be shocking the first time you experience true natural darkness. More and more places in the United States are being designated as dark parks, meant to be free of light pollution. Whether you’re headed to one of these for a kayaking weekend or headed out to the ocean for an overnight trip, you’ll need powerful, long-lasting lighting to guide your way. Things get even more complicated when it comes to having adequate light on the water. But having a powerful light isn’t just a matter of convenience on your boat. It can make a vital difference when it comes to safety, especially in emergency situations.

Our boating lights are made for any situation on the ocean. From floodlights to improve your long-distance visibility to emergency beacons that penetrate deep underwater, these products offer one of the most fundamental human needs in some of the darkest places on earth.

Comfortable interior lighting is also a must for your boat. Our selection of LED lamps comes with easy-to-install mounts so you can install them wherever you need them, both inside and on deck. Navigation lights require some serious power to illuminate nighttime water. Our LED light bars, floodlights, and dome lights will help guide your way even with no source of natural light nearby. Searchlights and underwater lights are also available to keep you and your passengers safe in any emergency.
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