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Collection: Communication

When it comes to striking out on the open ocean, there are a few types of equipment that are non-negotiable.

Communication is one of these. Your communication equipment is absolutely vital, spelling the difference between a safe and enjoyable trip and a disaster.

Out on a boat, communication needs to happen between your craft and other boats, people on the shore, and emergency responders. Ideally, you will never have to use any of it. But if an emergency does occur, having the right tools at hand can save lives. That goes to show that you need the very best.

It starts out with high-quality marine radios. These range from basic models to top-of-the-line radios that include Bluetooth and GPS capabilities. You’ll also need everything to keep your radios charged and mounted — but don’t worry, we have all of those smaller items as well.

You can even find long-range WiFi routers, making it possible to access the internet from the ocean! Marine antennas make it possible to improve the connection of all your devices, increasing range so you stay in touch no matter where you are. Mobile broadbands and cellular amplifiers also come into play. Forget having to use primitive means of communication out on the water — we will ensure that your cell phone can stay on, too.

Sometimes, situations arise where the most basic communication solutions make the most sense. But even though they might not be high-tech, they can still be high quality! Equipment such as hailer horns and CB radios add an extra layer of security for emergencies.