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Collection: Anchoring & Docking

When you come to the end of a long day on the water, there is one all-important thing you have to do before heading back to your campsite, cabin, or home. You need to anchor your boat. Of course, there is an art to properly docking your vessel, which you probably know as an experienced boat owner. This, in turn, takes the proper tools and techniques to ensure your property is safe and secure until you return.

Naturally, putting your boat away for the day isn’t the only time you will need this equipment. It is vital any time you need to cast an anchor — whether stopping to fish, swim, or simply enjoy the view.

Our selection of anchoring and docking equipment includes all the small and large necessities for securing your boat. These items aren’t remarkable on their own, but they’re absolutely essential as onboard equipment.

The menu includes everything from the anchors themselves to ropes and chains, pulleys, buoys, and more. You’ll also find items such as windlasses, which make raising and lowering your anchor a breeze.

When it comes to docking, you’ll need to ensure you have all the proper equipment installed to secure your boat by the shore. But you also need to have the proper protection to ensure your landing, however rough, doesn’t damage your vessel. That includes solar-powered deck lights to guide your way, fender bumpers to protect the sides of the craft, and much more.

Anchoring and docking equipment might not be the first thing you think about when making sure your boat is seaworthy. But at the end of your outdoor adventures, you’ll rest better knowing that everything is secure.