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Collection: Marine Safety

Did you know that of the roughly 5,000 boating accidents that happen every year in the United States, a whopping 77 percent are related to poor boat safety? A lack of proper safety equipment and inadequate training both play a role. While getting adequate training is up to you, we can ensure you have all the tools onboard to keep yourself and your passengers safe.

So when we say marine safety, what are we talking about? When it comes to keeping your boat safe on the water, there are many tools that come into play! From lifejackets to flotation devices, carbon monoxide alarms, emergency lights, and personal safety beacons, each of these items plays a vital role in getting everyone safely back to shore.

Life vests are one of the most important pieces of safety equipment, and everyone should be wearing one at all times when they are on the water. Our selection of life jackets is Coast Guard-approved and made for users of all ages, from infants to adults.

Most marine safety devices are preventative measures. But there are also items that you should have onboard in the hope that you never have to use them. Emergency flares and man overboard floats will hopefully never be a necessity. But the moment that they are, having high-quality emergency tools may make a vital difference.

That is why, in addition to our standard marine safety items, we also feature the most modern, high-tech safety and emergency communication devices. These range from radios to GPS devices and SOS beacon locators.
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